Ladies Presentations

The Ladies finals night was held on Thursday March 22nd at the Larruperz

The results are:

Louie Hill Final

King Pins    190
Larks            183

Dora Gwilliam Final

Larks          205
King Pins   221

High Score:

60       R.Evans        King Pins
60       J.Robinson   King Pins
55       W.Jode          King Pins
54       E.Kings         Larks

Pairs Final

L.Hardwick/R.Ashcroft     68    King Pins
J.Robinson/R.Evans           64    King Pins

Singles Final

C.Day                36    Hold Ups
G.Maddox        27   Nicki’s Angels

Highest Away Average:

W.Jode          King Pins      37.66
J.Robinson   King Pins      36.25
H.Powell       Hold Ups       36.00
R.Ashcroft    King Pins      35.50
R.Evans         King Pins      34.50

League Winners:   King Pins

League Runners Up: Hold Ups